After graduating Hofstra University with a passion for art and design Jessica continued her education at New York School of Interior Design. She entered the design world in New York City working for Kreiss furniture followed by 5 years at Jennifer Flanders Inc. Jessica served as project manager for Jennifer, who regularly graces the pages of major design publications.

Her passion to run her own firm drove her to open Jessica Friedman Interiors. Jessica has worked on projects all over the country and is always looking for new and exciting projects! She has completed sustainability training and has been certified by GREENleaders. There, Jessica gained knowledge on designing and incorporating environmentally friendly furnishings, which is an important aspect in her work.

Her approach is blending traditional and contemporary elements to make a space look cohesive yet eclectic. Jessica's extensive travels throughout Europe inspire many of her designs. She strives to create timeless environments for today's living. Her ultimate goal is to give her clients a look that makes them feel comfortable and connected with their home. She believes looking around your own home should make you smile! Whether you are furnishing a new home or have a lifetime of things that you have collected, Jessica will help you start fresh, incorporate your life's collections or a mix of both. 


"At the end of every journey there is a final destination, let it be your home"